Therapy Services

We aim empower children, caregivers and teachers to experience joy and freedom in the daily things they do!

Occupational Therapy
We help children participate in the things that they find challenging by creating or adapting the situation for success.   Ages: Birth to 12 years old.
Speech Therapy
We help children understand, express, and communicate their needs to those around them. Ages: Birth to 12 years old.
Counselling Through Play
Counsellors aim to empower children to understand themselves better and work through difficult emotions. Ages: 4 years - 18 years old.
Remedial Teaching
An experienced remedial teacher helps to support learning so that children succeed in the classroom. Ages: 7 - 16 years old.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

We use smart technology to offer high quality therapy that is budget friendly as well as effective.

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#3 Online Assessments
#4 Treatment Plan
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