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Before you book your appointment, learn more about how online therapy works and how we can support you and your family.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Therapy Services

We deliver high-quality therapy services that are tailored to fit the needs of our diverse families in South Africa. We are honoured to have worked with 338 families to date. We often get asked these questions:

Online therapy is flexible so it can work for you.

It is a family-centered approach built on relationships and it considers the places the child spends the most time.

It is an opportunity for therapists and parents to partner to create change.

Sessions take place online 💻

Yes it is! 💯

These are the things that make it most effective:

  1. Starting early, when you realise you need support.
  2. Getting onto the same page of how you experience your child.
  3. A transparent and well thought through plan so you know what to expect and if it’s working.

We have spent time with over 300 families developing an online service that gives you on-time support as well as reliable impact for the whole family.

🌍 We are an African service for African families.

🥇 Our research and years of experience has helped us create a quality service that works.

🎓 We have a trained team of therapists with specilaized skills to support diverse needs.

💻 Fewer barriers to access therapy.

📍 Flexible in where and when online therapy is done.

👨‍👩‍👦 We address the emotional, physical and learning needs of the child. This includes you, the parents, as you direct their inner and outer worlds.

🧏‍♀️ Each family has a dedicated and experienced client manager.

💵 Sessions could be claimed back from medical aid if your plan covers therapy.

Living in South Africa, we have to consider the affordability of services while delivering quality therapy.

The value you get by working with My Online Therapist is:

  1. Trained therapist that is supported by a bigger team.
  2. A process that works and a service you can return to at any point.
  3. Additional free parenting resources e.g. help your child to read programme.
  4. Reasonably affordable rates.

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Talk to a Client Manager

Ready to Chat?

We are here to listen to your needs. Please book a free 15 minute session with one of our experienced therapists, who work as Client Managers, to give you the best support.  

In the session, you will get to:

  • Share your needs and concerns 📝
  • Ask any questions 💬
  • Get matched with a therapist that is best suited to support you and your child ✅
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