Our Story

We aim empower children, caregivers and teachers to experience joy and freedom in the daily things they do!

Message from our Founders

Our inception

“Our journey and story start with a simple goal in mind: Become South Africa’s first teletherapy company for children needing developmental and learning support. 

Today, we support more than 200 children and families across Southern Africa, together with an incredibly passionate, multi-disciplinary team of more than 20 therapists. 

Our vision remains the same…continue delivering sustainable healthcare for the African child and family. One that is accessible, affordable and of excellent quality.”

The need we aim to fulfil...

Why MOT?

“The reality in SA is that parents struggle to find and afford a therapist for their child who really needs it. This creates delays in firstly the parents receiving the information they need and the child receiving the intervention at a crucial time in their development. It is estimated that at least 10% of the nearly 7.8 million children of primary school age in SA (7 – 13 years) require therapy support. The number who end up receiving therapy is far less because of the accessibility problem. “

The Geographic Need

Estimated number of children who need therapy support:

> 0 %
of 7,800,000 children
Private vs Public Access

The supply of therapists to support the need in South Africa:

0 %
private practice therapists
The Disparity of Therapy

Number of children who have access to therapy

< 0 %
of the population
The desire to serve

Our duty

“For therapists, like us, reaching the clients that need our services most was limited to where we lived and the jobs available to us. South African therapists have to be hustlers, so we live in the big cities and 75% of us work in private practice (servicing less than 20% of the population) while the rest work in government schools or hospitals. Speaking to other therapists, we realized we all had this nagging feeling that so many children are not receiving the help they need and we didn’t have a way to serve them sustainably.

After winning third place in a Hackathon hosted by the Innovation Edge in 2016, we exploring the use of technology in therapy. This led to testing virtual consults with a therapist’s assistant in an ECD centre in Johannesburg in 2018. 

Since then, we have built our online therapy platform as well as the My Online Therapist community. We aim to continue to grow, using technology and our innate desire as therapists to support our core tenants: accessibility, affordability and quality.  

Renisha and Basheera
Co-Founders of My Online Therapist

Learn about our team

Itumeleng Selinda-min Counsellor

Itumeleng Selinda

I’m Itumeleng Selinda, with a B. Psych Degree and an HPCSA Registered Counsellor. I also have a background in Narrative Counselling and Christian Counselling. I …

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Zulaikha Speech Therapist

Zulaikha Goolam

I am passionate about working with children with special educational needs, and promoting disability inclusion across various contexts. I value the development of therapy services …

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Kate Occupational Therapist

Kate Golesworthy

I am passionate about inclusion and creating opportunities for people to feel seen, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential. I love that online …

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Rebecca Jade Speech Therapist

Rebecca Jade

I currently reside in Durban. I am open to the concerns of parents and caregivers alike and the importance of early intervention. I am passionate …

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WhatsApp-Image-2020-07-07-at-19.37.30 Occupational Therapist

Minenhle Mthembu

I work at a special school in Johannesburg. I am passionate about promoting mental health and wellbeing in both children and adults, and providing clients …

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Shira Special Needs Teacher

Shira Arcus

I am passionate about quality education for all children, and creating inclusive education systems and inclusive societies. I think online therapy is a wonderful way …

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Ashton Remedial Teacher

Ashton Mountfort

I believe in the power of inclusive and personalised education and I believe that EVERYONE is capable of learning and succeeding. I believe too, that …

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Karen van der Meulen Occupational Therapist

Karen van der Meulen

I am an occupational therapist with a special interest in children with developmental delays and other learning barriers. I have worked extensively with children who …

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nono Speech Therapist

Nono Njongwe

Nonyameko ‘Nono’ Njongwe is a Speech-Language and Hearing Therapist and Early Interventionist. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Language and Hearing therapy from …

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Langelihle Lucy Shabalala Speech Therapist

Langelihle Lucy Shabalala

I was born in Johannesburg but went to school in different parts of the country. I am a multi-lingual speech therapist, I spent my high …

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Mia Speech Therapist

Mia Zandberg

I am originally from Cape Town but live in Kakamas in the Northern Cape now. I have experience in the public and private practice settings …

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Mellisa Adonis-Swartz Occupational Therapist

Mellisa Adonis-Swartz

Hello to all the beautiful people. My name is Mellisa and I’m an occupational therapist. My ❤ beats for OT. It’s not just a job. …

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Anisha Speech Therapist

Anisha Dhaya

I am passionate about working with individuals with stuttering difficulties, and providing therapy in one’s home language. I believe online therapy allows me to reach …

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Ansia Remedial Teacher

Ansia Moodley

I live in Cape Town and I am passionate about assisting children with a range of special educational needs to help them reach their full …

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Tashmira Speech Therapist

Tashmira Singh

There’s always something magical and something to believe in. I believe in kindness and pinky promises, fairytales and gremlins, wizards and fantastic beasts – but …

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Kirsten Educational Psychologist

Kirsten Murphy

I am passionate about working with children who have learning difficulties, and especially enjoy play therapy, psychotherapeutic work with children, and individual counselling with children …

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