Common Concerns

We aim empower children, caregivers and teachers to experience joy and freedom in the daily things they do!

Late Talking
These are children who use fewer words and sentences than is expected for their age.
Posture and Handwriting
When a child struggles with movements involving big muscle groups like sitting up straight or playing on jungle gyms it also impacts their finer movements too like handwriting.
Special Needs
This is when a child is not developing according to the typical neuro-developmental path and requires support to fully participate in their unique way.
Emotional Stress
Children experience emotional stress as well. It can often be from experiences like bullying, a loss or trauma or a new transition like a new school or home.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

We use smart technology to offer high quality therapy that is budget friendly as well as effective.

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#2 Match with a therapist
#3 Online Assessments
#4 Treatment Plan
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