Speech Therapy

We help children understand, express, and communicate their needs to those around them.

Ages: Birth to 12 years old

We can provide individual online therapy for your child experiencing:

  • Delays in their developmental milestones: speaking, reading and listening skills.
  • Challenges with eating, swallowing, and drooling
  • Problems with understanding, using and expressing language in any social setting.

Speech therapy will assist in:

  • Stimulating language development and meeting language related milestones.
  • Strengthening muscles in the face and mouth needed for eating and speaking 

Rates are charged on the duration of sessions. Prices range from at R240 – R340. 
Financial assistance is available.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

We use smart technology to offer high quality therapy that is budget friendly as well as effective.

#1 Reach out to us
#2 Match with a therapist
#3 Online Assessments
#4 Treatment Plan
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