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Dear Mom and Dad,

Wow this school and learning thing is a lot tougher than I ever thought. I have been asking myself lately.. why is it so tough for me to learn like everyone else?

This question usually makes me quite sad and I can see the same question makes you quite scared. I’m not entirely sure why you feel scared but maybe if I knew I would understand why its the only thing we talk about or the only thing you want to help me with.

What I have realised is that my brain works differently to yours, dads and some of my friends. Well Zac and I are very similar, he says also wishes other would stop pushing him to learn something in a certain time. Some things he learns quick and some things he needs more time to learn.

When I am feeling this same pressure I really struggle to calm down and I just want to scream. So I’m wondering is there another way we could learn things?

My sister helped me write this letter and I’m very happy that you had her for me.

I love you.

Your son, Sazi

(8 yrs and 5 months old)


“At My Online Therapist, we see the parent-child relationship as fundamental to the success of any therapy or additional support.”  says co-founder Renisha Patel.

We have worked with over 340 families in the last three years and have developed a quality service. We offer online services in Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Counselling and Play Therapy.

The convenience and flexibility of online services means that we can connect with your family at times that suits your lifestyle best. We believe in helping you understand and accept the child you have while empowering you with tools to help them cope in the society we find ourselves.

Important signs of a healthy relationship with your child with a learning or behaviour challenge are:

  • Genuine eye contact (if possible) with your child
  • Number of times in the day you feel you understand your child
  • Opportunities to connect and freely be with your child
  • Frequency of your own or your child’s emotional outbursts

My Online Therapist exists to support families not just improve school academics but set up a pressure-free environment that supports learning of any kind.

Book a FREE consult with an experienced therapist today!

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